JFK Communications, Inc. was founded in 2004 to provide innovative marketing and communications services to science-oriented companies, healthcare organizations and non-profit groups. All of our work is focused on your strategic objectives and business goals. JFK’s principal, John F. Kouten, has fostered a corporate culture at JFK which focuses on superior client service, creative programming, and measurable results.

Our strength comes from our understanding of the ever-changing markets and evolving business models of our clients, and our total commitment to meeting the strategic communications needs of science, technology and healthcare-related organizations. Delivering excellent results to our clients requires the support of highly skilled and seasoned communications professionals, and you'll find them at JFK Communications.

Our extensive experience in broad science, healthcare and technology industry sectors has confirmed that the best results only come from the best people. JFK Communications' New Jersey headquarters is an ideal location for the industries we serve and provides us access to world-class talent. We don’t just deliver results, we deliver influence.

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